HAUS DREI | Hamburg (D)

HausDrei, initiator of the HiStArt Project and STAMP Festival in Hamburg, hosted the first event of the project: the KickOff Conference. 

HausDrei represents culture and communication in Hamburg Altona. The organisation was founded in 1982 with the mission of improving the quality of life of the residents in the borough sustainably and today acts as the single point of contact and communicative gateway in the area, as well as supporting the borough’s interconnectedness in the city.

As a social cultural centre and place of communication, local event planner, supporter of free youth welfare and originator of cultural activities, HausDrei enriches the cultural life above and beyond Hamburg Altona.


Aalborg Karneval | (DK)

Sjaja Haddadi represents the Danish Partner Aalborg Karneval.


The organisation has been running for 31 years and although originally founded as a small group, it has developed and become more professional through the years. It now employs four permanent employees and is supported by four volunteers.


The carnival in Aalborg consists of a variety of events. The children’s carnival takes place in the local city park as well as on the streets of the city and inspires its audience of all ages with concerts and creative activities.


Following this, a competition takes place for carnival groups where young, local artistic groups are given the chance to present their work and ultimately qualify for the Aalborg Carnival.  The week thereafter is dedicated to the main event of the carnival, the parade, which last year involved 30,000 costumed participants.


Luton | UK Centre for Carnival ARTS (UK)

Pax Nindi, originally from Zimbabwe, represents the English partner Luton Carnival Arts Development Trust (LCADT).


Culture is constantly evolving and the LCADT is always in movement in response. Nindi expressed his satisfaction at the exchange of skills with the partners in the last few years and this interaction plays a central role in the LCADT. Alongside the Carnival Streets Festival and the Luton International Festival, master classes, workshops, summer schools and other programmes take place, allowing local and international artists to collaborate.


Nindi mentioned that in the coming year the LCADT will acquire a Street Arts Centre:a building in which events, projects, as well as artistic exchange will be able to run alongside one another.


Nyirbator | (H)

György Dosza represents the hungarian partner: the Foundation Nyirbatorert Alapitvany.


The city Nyirbator, 14 000 residents strong, is about 200km from Budapest. The small festival Szárnyas Sárkány is named after the flying dragon found in the Hungarian legend and takes place once a year in the streets of Nyirbator.


The events comprising the festival are spaced over six to eight days in different locations on the festival grounds, found between two churches (such as a stage built to float on a small lake). Each festival takes place over three days, although international artists, for example from New Zealand, Brazil and China, begin arriving in the city a week before.


As soon as the festival begins by the opening parade, the visitors can expect a multiplicity of bands and orchestras, theatre pieces in temporarily built wooden huts, performances, folk dancing, conferences, as well as food and drinks for the general wellbeing. Half of the programme is specially planned for children, although it is almost as well attended by adults as is by the children themselves.

A special characteristic of the festival is its characterful, familial Atmosphere.




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