High Quality Street Art, or HiStArt, is a project made up of four European partners who have all been active in street theatre, parades, carnivals and associated artistic fieldsfor many years: LCADT from Luton/London (England), the KIA from Aalborg (Denmark), the Festival Szarnyas Sarkany from Nyirbator (Hungary) and HausDrei from Hamburg (Germany).

The two-year-long project aims to set new standards in the field of street art, street theatre and parades.  Each partner will organise master classes, in which different artists will be looking into diverse themes related to parades.  Concurrently, artist exchanges among the four organisations is planned in order to learn about each other’s varying directions and traditions and to take part in the respective festivals.

An important aspect of the HiStArt Project is artistic education in schools and social institutions, as well as the integration of local artists and creative bodies.

Each partner will host a conference (biannually for two years) for artists and the partners, at which the opportunity for open discussion on artistic development of parades will be offered, and goals will be set.  The existing networks will be extended, so that a multiplicity of stakeholders can profit from this project.



And here is a link to a magazine recently made by Aalborg Karneval for 2015: www.e-pages.dk/nordjyskenet/473/


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